Been raised from the country of hot weather, for me -Snow is always a fascinating thing ever since I landed in US. During Christmas time I admire all those wonderful snow statues at the street sides, I bet no one need an explanation how lively it will be in New York City!! I wanted to make a snow man of my own, but never got the courage to stay out for long in the freezing weather.
During 07' fall, I had been to Shenandoah's since its one among the top list for fall colors. To our surprise it was snowing in there and it's still the fall season, we pulled over to the shoulder line just to enjoy the first snow of that year! There was a snow man standing all ALONE(on the left in the picture) I don't know who made it and when they made it. As I always want to make a snow man, I suddenly got the enthu to make a 'Snow Girl' just besides the snow man. We dint have any hand gloves to work on the snow, but I was determined to finish that task, luckily my brother gave me his expired credit cards (I don't know how many he has in his wallet...Expired long back?) to sculpt the snow to give a lil' feminine touch, a fall leaf in her head and a few black stones to give her a face and a body! Wow..the snow girl looked so wonderful with the glam we created, I believe if the snow man could ever talk, he will surely say 'Thank you for giving me a wonderful company'. I managed to take a snap of the snow couple with my brother's mobile phone :) I felt like a lil' girl who heard the story of a happy ending fairy(Snow) tale.
So, when was the last time you made a snow man or a snow girl?

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On September 14, 2008 at 3:38 PM , Romba Nallavan said...

i love the way you narrate the article for this little "snow girl'.

Where you kept all this talent so proud you have such amazing skill.


On September 14, 2008 at 4:06 PM , Ann said...

Thanks! :)