I prepared Mexican rice with multi beans and green/red peppers. This is very simple and a delicious dish.

Multi Beans: Pinto, navy beans, pink beans, peas, garbanzo, black eye beans, lima beans, red kidney beans.

Onion - 2
Red & Green pepper - 2 cups chopped
Tomato - 2
Ginger garlic paste - 1tbsp
Green Onion - 2 tbsp chopped
Cilantro - 2 tbsp chopped
Paprika - 1tsp
Turmeric - 1tsp
Cumin - 1tbsp
Coriander powder - 1tbsp
Cinnamon -1 "inch
Cloves -2
Bay Leaf - 1.
Soak the multi beans in enough water over night and cook the beans next morning. It takes around 30 mins to cook.Heat oil, add cumin, mustard, ginger garlic paste, red and green peppers.
Add the chopped onions and fry till it turns golden brown, add the chopped tomato.
Add salt, turmeric, paprika, coriander powder.

Cook till the raw smell subsides.
Add the cooked multi-beans in to the gravy and allow to cook in medium heat for 15 mins.
Add water if needed, Stir in between.
Garnish with chopped green onion and cilantro.
Finally mix the gravy very gently in cooked Basmati rice and Enjoy !!

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