In my childhood, I used to hate idli. Having this as everyday breakfast is so boring. This situation turned opposite after my marriage. I started loving idli and dosa, though it's a tedious preparation, I make sure idli atta is always ready in my refrigerator :)) .. I learnt few tips in a hard way to make the idli soft and fluffy (Refer Hint)!!

Idli rice or Sona masoori - 4 cups
Urad dhal - 1 cup
Fenugreek seeds - 1tsp

  • Soak idli rice for 3 hours
  • Soak Urad dhal with fenugreek for Half hour ( Yes, half hour soaking is really enough).
  • In wet grinder, grind the urad dhal mix with very less water, grind to very nice paste (It usually takes half hour for me to get the consistency), remove from grinder and keep aside.
  • Grind the rice mix till you get the semolina (rawa) consistency (takes around half hour).
  • Mix the urad dhal and rice atta together with enough salt and allow it to ferment.


  • Grinding the rice atta to the rawa consistency is the key to get smooth idli.
  • After adding salt, just taste a pinch of atta, if you can feel the salt taste in it, you have added enough salt.!! Adding correct amount of salt helps in quick fermentation.
  • During winter, keep the atta in oven (switched off) or in Microwave (Switched off) to help in fermentation.
  • Keeping atta in ever-silver vessels will help in fermentation, than glass or plastic containers.
  • Keep enough space in the vessel for the atta to rise after fermentation. In that way, it wont get messy in your oven or microwave.