Kulfi is one of the signature dessert from Indians.. even a non-sweet tooth person could never say NO to this slightly chewy and a dense frozen dessert. It was a usual lazy day at office, we had been to an Indian restaurant in New york City - midtown for lunch. I am a person who don't like eating out, neither appreciates the taste of the restaurant food...cause you never know what goes in there... Do you? We were done with our main meal...time for a dessert! Since, I wasn't really in a mood to have a dessert at that time, I ordered the very first item in the dessert menu just for the heck of it, without even looking in to the other options. when I had my dessert plate on table..and realising that I had ordered for K.U.L.F.I looking at that wonderful pista flavored frozen dessert, small flashback was running in the back of my mind...in my good ol' days I used to crave for kulfi, I never miss to have one, whenever I get chance... jeezz it really been SO MANY years since I had kulfi !! Actually my plan was to share my dessert with my other colleague.. Poor guy dint even get a bite of it!! I thoroughly enjoyed my lunch very FIRST time in a restaurant.. humm the credit goes to the guy who made that pista kulfi !!!

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