In a small island called strawberry Garden, there is a very calm, composed, young, talented and yet shy female strawberry - Tiffany! whose parents are always worried that Tiffany will end-up staying single due to her lack of dating skills! besides from the little secret she is having a long time crush with Jimmy, her dad's friend's Son.
Jimmy is smart, energetic and handsome strawberry lives in the same island. Though he had too many strawberries ready to fall for him, He dislikes the female strawberries who are materialistic and opportunist, hence he had no luck with love. Jimmy and Tiffany happened to meet each other in a family meeting and they chatted for a while.
Wow! that's called Love at first sight. Jimmy got so attracted to Tiffany, he asked her for a date and Tiffany waiting for no seconds, screamed out of her lungs saying SURE :)
Tiffany and Jimmy went for couple of dates, Jimmy proposed Tiffany and they so wanted to have the wedlock on Valentines day.
Tiffany family is so happy for her and the celebration for the big event started a few weeks before in her house.
Tiffany and Jimmy shopped all day for their wedding dress, Finally decided to go with "Ann designer wear". All the arrangements for the wedding is done.
The Big day is Today!! The marriage is set in the Church of Strawberry Island. All the guest's were dressed elegant and tasty in the combination of milk chocolate, white chocolate and the mix of chopped nuts.
Jimmy groomed so well in Milk and White chocolate tuxedo, waiting for the bride to walk down the aisle. Famous singer Strawberry Shania Twain song " From the Moment" was played in the background.
The Gorgeous Bride is wearing a beautiful white chocolate gown from 'Ann Designer wear' is walking down the aisle with her proud father, with the Shania Twain music in the back ground.
The life's commitment and promise is made between them, They got married with all their family members blessing
They lived happily and had many children strawberries. Tiffany and Jimmy wished all a very Happy Valentines Day 2009!
So if you want this strawberry marriage in your house... Follow the below recipe :)
Strawberries -15
Milk chocolate chips -
White Chocolates Chips -
Chopped Nuts -
Clean the strawberries and let it dry completely in the room temperature.
Melt the chocolate in microwave for 30 seconds, and give a good stir and reheat again for every 15 seconds till the chocolates melts completely.
Place a wax paper in a tray, dip the strawberry in the chocolate covering 3/4 of the strawberry and roll over in a chopped nuts and keep it in a wax sheet.
Wait for the strawberry to dry before applying second coat or mixing with different colored chocolate.
Pop it in a refrigerator for 10 mins to fasten up the drying process to do the second chocolate layer.
Serve within few hours to get the best of taste.

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On February 17, 2009 at 1:47 PM , Romba Nallavan said...

that looks yummmmmmmmmmmmmy

On March 27, 2009 at 1:05 PM , Kay said...

That was just too cute!! :)