Mauritius is well know as a vacation spot. It is truly a romantic place, natural beauty and very relaxing place as well. I had been there for couple of weeks before few years, still it stands out to be my favorite vacation spot. The best compliment to the country is the weather during the summer or atleast I enjoyed the weather in summer! I remember the quotes from Author Mark Twain : "Mauritius was made first and then the heaven was copied after Mauritius". May be its purely depends on the way you see it!

I never had a problem for Indian food when I was in Mauritius (City-Port Louis). The Mauritian Culinary contains the combination of French, Indian, Chinese and African. I was even surprised to find some road side shops which has authentic biriyani and falooda as we do in India :) The deep fried lentil cakes are also known as 'Dhal Wada' in India and they are named as 'Gateaux Piments' in Mauritius. Even though the native language is Creole, people are fluent in English (the national language) and French. But most of the Indian-Mauritians still have their roots and speaks in Hindi(Indian national language).
I must say, for the first time in my life I saw a very graceful sea (there wasn't much of a wave) and the water was so clear.

Most of the souvenir are represented in the form of a cute bird, I was so ignorant, I admit! that I don't know what that bird called as until I ask the customs officer at the airport;why this bird is so special and displayed in the form of toys in almost all the stores? He laughed at me and said its Dodo (pronounced as Do-Du) Mauritius was the only know habitat for the Dodo bird!! Hummm interesting! I bought two Dodo toys, one as key chain and other a big fur toy.
The botanical garden was so wonderful and I could not believe that I had looked at the lotus leaves which were bigger than the ears of an elephant.. huh... ears of a huge elephant. That is the uniqueness of this garden. No where in the world that carries a record of a lotus leaves bigger than this one!!Shown the pic below:

Things to Do! when you visit Mauritius:

  • Very basic thing is to enjoy the clean beach as much as you can!
  • Try the authentic food
  • Have a quick peek in the botanical garden
  • If you are interested in Diamonds, just ask your local guide they will guide you to the diamond market. I had been there its worth the visit.
  • Diving in Mauritius is a pretty cool things, Don't miss it.

  • If you are a water sports lover - So many are in the way.
  • Seven Colored Sand - You can see multi colored sand due to volcanic rocks that became ashes with time in Chamarel
  • Chamarel Waterfall - wonderfull waterfall in the village of Chamarel
  • Tamarin bay - well know for Surfing

My favorite month of the year is about to start, yes I am talking about December(Holiday time). I gotta plan for my holiday trip. See you soon with a different travel-holiday spot.

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On March 27, 2009 at 1:02 PM , Kay said...

:) you mean recap?

Mauritius has been on my wishlist forever... It was very nice to read about trip, Ann! Thanks for sharing it here.