Sometimes, I feel my day starts just to have the lettuce sandwich as my breakfast with herbal tea. This ain't no joke, I'm telling ya the fact! Seriously, its dead boring to think of having the universal standard- cereal and hormone injected milk in the morning.

I'm quite particular in having my breakfast before 8a.m, why? may be I'm having a ridiculous belief that, its gonna boost up my metabolism and keep my energy level up through out the indolent day.

Since I take lettuce bread sandwich on seven days a week, I'm having a big lens over the nutrition facts of the bread.

I love Whole Grain and Multi Grain breads. This has low GI value (GI - Glycemic Index; responsible for converting the Carbs in to Glucose in our bloodstream. The more low it dissolves in to blood, the better.) Whole grain has low GI index(50), good source of fiber, it helps in weight management and really tastes yum. Multi Grain has GI - 48, apparently it is lesser than whole grain. There are interesting varieties in grain bread like flax seed, 7-grain, 12-grain, sunflower seed, so you would never go disappointed with the taste. I prefer the 'Bakers Inn whole grain'. Trust me, I am not endorsing this product, it just has a longer expiry period than the usual ones.

If you think that you are addicted to the taste of Whole Wheat ( GI - Medium- 67) and White bread (GI - high-71), you should look atleast for Whole Grain Wheat and Whole Grain white breads instead blindly choosing plain white bread.

White bread is clearly not for my cup of tea :0) Lets eat consciously and live healthy.

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On October 3, 2008 at 4:04 PM , KARMA said...

Good information. I always get the Healthy Nuts bread (too lazy to look into the details). I will try the Backer's one and see.